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Slowly the dark curtain is lifting

While the world sleeps

In restless slumber.

tired men, weary women

Babies in the cribs

Unaware of War

strife and misery

Somewhere in the glow

of sun is hope

A new dawn

A new beginning.




Why do things happen?
Trapped in our code of life
our conduct
Reflecting our inner selves
Pulls, haws, cuts.
Unknown to us
Just as the unseen
Yet real, dark eyebrows
Sitting on top of our eyes
Destiny is formed
Day by Day.

It’s scripted, wired, meshed
In the marrow
In the blood

Helpless, hopeless
We watch
Not knowing
The secret formula
That begins from
The Thoughts
The actions
And response.

Within our reach
Within our grasp
Is the change that we await
So impatiently.

I am not me


In the most tragic times,
life unlocks its mysteries
Wide, open for the receiver

I am not me.
I am the breeze that blows on high mountains
I am the waves that crashes on the shore
I am the flower that blooms and dies
I am the soul

A brilliant, indestructible, diamond self.
Not touched by environment
Not bent and crumpled iron mass
Soaking yet not dripping
Swirling like a light ribbon.
I am not me
I am the soul.

Pure pristine original
Damp and green Earth
Hidden treasures deep inside
Diamonds, minerals, gold alloy