The joy of having a clean cupboard is unparalleled. I have always struggled to have a neat and tidy cupboard where stacks of well folded clothes are kept in color coordinated arrangement. Instead, very often mine would look like as if a hurricane had hit the space! The moment I would open the doors, they would fall on me like ripe fruits from a tree!
When it would be time for me to keep my clothes ready for the day, I would never find anything remotely attractive. This would put me in an irritable and uncomfortable state of mind.Thinking of all the gorgeous clothes shopped from various stores, tried, tested, paraded in the show room made me even more frustrated. Once they got into the famed storage space, I would not lay my eyes on them till I cleared the cupboard.

So today was one such day. I actually cleaned up, arranged the tops, dresses, scarves, bags, Jeans, belts all in their respective places. Pretty kicked with life at least for a month or till the next tornado hits the clothes!



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