Broken World

Read this amazing Persian poetry and  wanted to share with all…

Persian Poetry in English
Forough Farrokhzad (Revolt of God, 1957)

If I were God,
at last, one night,
I would revolt, revolt–
against the wide world!

In my revolt,
I would summon the angels, set them in charge–
of drowning the sun- in the furnace of night.

And then,
I would order my slaves on Earth–
to cut off the dried leaf of moon–
from the tree of darkness–
to start, start!


In my wrath,
with grinding teeth, of the years of silence,
I would crush all the mountains–
in my clenched fists.

And then,
I would refill, I would seal–
the greedy mouth of the seas–
with the dust and dirt of the peaks.


In my anguish,
I would unleash the lonely, desolate stars,
chained together, forsaken, far apart,
to drop their feverish heart–
on the forests on Earth.

I would commission them to inject–
the boiling blood of fire in the cold veins–
of the trees!

And then,
I would sit back to watch–
the golden maiden of fire, fervently, freely dance–
in he wide-open space of the tamed forests of Earth!


In my grief,
I would sigh, sigh…
And then, I would assign–
the nightly wafts, to deliver my breath–
to all the rivers on Earth.

Sparing them at last,
from crawling day and night–
on the cold and moist bosom–
of the earthen ground.


In my annoyance,
I would ask the rivers–
to rise up, like thirsty snakes–
and bite the barren crowd of the clouds.

In my repugnance–
I would order the breeze–
to craft a sailboat made of the scent of rose–
and ride me to all the graveyards.

And then,
I would open all the tombs,
and let all the lost, wretched souls on the loose–
to be again contained, once more restrained,
in the confines of flesh.


If I were God,
In my indignation,
I would command my angels to sink–
the Holy Grail in Hell, and to expel–
all the keen claimants of holiness–
from my heavens!

If I were God,
in my exhaustion, in my fatigue,
I would vacate the throne for a leave of rest.
And I would prize my deeds, I would please myself–
with a night of passion and sin–
with The Wicked Fallen,
The Fallen!

Translation: Maryam Dilmaghani, June 2012, Halifax


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