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Three lessons for designing for the whole world: Margaret Gould Stewart at TED2014



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Margaret Gould Stewart. Photo: James Duncan Davidson
Margaret Gould Stewart. Photo: James Duncan Davidson

“What do you think of when I say the word design?” Margaret Gould Stewart, director of product design at Facebook, is here to talk about the kind of design that you normally don’t think about — the design of digital systems that are used by billions of people each day.

As examples, Steward reminds the audience that Google handles 1 billion searches per day. People upload to YouTube more in a single day than all of the US television networks broadcast in the last 5 years combined. Facebook transmits the photos, messages and stories of over 1.23 billion people, or about 1/6 of humanity.

“What’s really hard at designing at scale,” she says, “is that it requires a bizarre combination of two things, audacity and humility.” Audacity to believe that what you’re doing is important, and humility because it’s not about the designer’s portfolio…

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The joy of having a clean cupboard is unparalleled. I have always struggled to have a neat and tidy cupboard where stacks of well folded clothes are kept in color coordinated arrangement. Instead, very often mine would look like as if a hurricane had hit the space! The moment I would open the doors, they would fall on me like ripe fruits from a tree!
When it would be time for me to keep my clothes ready for the day, I would never find anything remotely attractive. This would put me in an irritable and uncomfortable state of mind.Thinking of all the gorgeous clothes shopped from various stores, tried, tested, paraded in the show room made me even more frustrated. Once they got into the famed storage space, I would not lay my eyes on them till I cleared the cupboard.

So today was one such day. I actually cleaned up, arranged the tops, dresses, scarves, bags, Jeans, belts all in their respective places. Pretty kicked with life at least for a month or till the next tornado hits the clothes!


songs for mom


A story to keep forever

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In the months before her death, my mother gave us kids the task of tracking down a long list of her favorite songs…songs that reminded her, I suppose, of special times and people in her life.

These are some of the songs she asked me to get…my brothers have other lists. Sa Ugoy Ng Duyan (In the rocking of the cradle) by Lucio San Pedro/Levy Celerio, is the one, she said, that would remind her of me…a lullaby she sang to me, and that I sang back to her when I was a older. The music was played at my parents’ house yesterday, where friends gathered to hold a party around my mother’s urn. One of my friends shared this about her visit to the house:

“16 years hence, i once again find myself up in the quiet, wooded villages of Antipolo , amongst the company of old friends from…

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Art that will make you laugh: Sketches and behind-the-scenes images from Aparna Rao

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Artist Aparna Rao in the workshop, among cardboard models of the pieces she shows in today's talk. Image: Courtesy of Pors & Rao Studio
Artist Aparna Rao in her workshop, among cardboard models of the pieces she shows in today’s talk. Image: Courtesy of Pors & Rao Studio

Aparna Rao makes the kind of art that makes you go “awwwwww,” even if you are the kind of person who would never make such a noise. In today’s talk, this TED Fellow shows us a gallery of art that goes a little crazy when no one is looking, but snaps to attention when someone walks in. And a sculpture that waves maniacally to the viewer — at least until someone new steps into the room. And a stadium, created with her artistic partner Søren Pors, that is full of characters who clap in a very usual way.

Here, Rao shares with us some sketches and images of her work.

The artist's early sketch of the sculpture 'Framerunners,' a complex windowpane that is inhabited by a tribe of bouncing figures, who can hide. Hear more in today's talk. Image: Courtesy of Pors & Rao Studio The artist’s early sketch of the sculpture ‘Framerunners,’ a complex windowpane that is inhabited by a…

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9 brilliant ideas from TED-Ed Club members, from infinity to a mood app

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TED-Ed Clubs give students the opportunity to research, write and present a TED-style talk about an idea they just can’t get out of their head. Over the course of a flexible 13-meeting program, students narrow in on an idea and learn how to communicate it in the most effective way possible. For some students, inspiration for their talk will come from the classroom — for some, their idea will be pulled from their everyday experiences. All are thoroughly fascinating.

Below, see how nine TED-Ed Club members outlined their idea, in the guidebooks provided for club facilitators by TED-Ed.


Idea body


Idea mood app 2

Idea privilege

Idea fuel

Idea mood app

Idea laughterIdea design

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